Responsive Enterprise

TES has a significant number of customers worldwide, from highly specialized mid-size companies that are market leaders in their segment to big multi-billion revenue corporations that rely on TES’ specific technology platforms and know-how. Our main business are turn-key product developments based on our technology and IP as well as green-field developments. However, on request and in particular for our key accounts, we are also offering quality consultancy services from system engineering down to implementation services.

Most of our activities are under NDA and therefore not available on the Web, but we will publish whatever is legally appropriate in this section here.

Customer Testimonials:

  • “We accomplished several projects with TES and were very pleased with their deliveries in terms of quality, keeping schedules, overall project management and sales support."
  • “TES were involved - with a team of 14 engineers - in an extremely challenging FPGA project within the TP400 engine development program for the A400M. They managed to keep the schedule and the delivered quality was excellent."