Linux Graphics & GUI Kit for Programmable FPGAs and SoCs                                  

Programmable SoCs are used in a nearly unlimited innovative embedded projects. Driven by smartphones and tablets sophisticated touch screen GUIs and graphics applications are expected for embedded devices requiring a certain amount of user interaction.

To ease developer’s life and enable a fast time to market TES provides a complete Linux Graphics & GUI sub-system solution for Programmable FPGAs and SoCs with on-board ARM processor. This resource efficient package is based on the silicon and FPGA proven CDC display controller IP core, the D/AVE 2D GPU IP core, Linux drivers, and optionally the Guiliani GUI Framework.


  • Easy to install: Get the “out of the box” demos and examples up and running within minutes!
  • Low footprint: Only 5-6kAMLs required on FPGA side for D/AVE 2D GPU and CDC Display Controller, depending on feature configuration
  • Includes Linux SDK with drivers and example source code: Have a quick start with your own graphics applications!
  • Enables fast time to market for smart GUIs by Guiliani and its powerful WYSIWYG GUI editor “GSE"

Supported Boards

Terasic D10-Nano Kit including Intel PSG Cyclone V SoC

System Setup

  • Insert SD card with preconfigured image containing the FPGA bit-file, all demos and all examples
  • Connect an HDMI monitor, a mouse and a keyboard
  • Power on and start the demos directly from the Linux console
  • Enjoy!

Software & System Configuration