Short Range Radar Modules

If time-to-market is key for you and your customes, TES can offer ready made short range radar sensor modules in volumes. Our radar modules are consisting of ready made HW systems with antenna arrays integrated with the signal processing and a communication interface. The modules can easily be individualized and customized by adding application software and enclosures. An ideal starting point for Sensor Companies to enhance their senor portfolios with minimum NRE cost investments or for System Companies and OEMs who wants to realize their own cost-efficient sensor solutions.

Compared to other sensors like optical or ultrasonic sensors, our Short Range Radar Sensors work more precisely and are insensitive to poor visibility, smoke, dust and other harsh environmental conditions said Uwe Engeser, Product Manager of TES' Radar Solutions. TES' radar sensor technologies are very versatile and  measure position, distance, movement, micro-motions and speed. Thanks to our sensor modules, processes in production and logistics can be automated und monitored, objects can be detected and many more sensor applications can be realized by simple software definitions. With TES'unique Radar Sensor Configuration SW Suite each Sensor can easily be parametrized and configured according to your application requirements.

TES is  offering very flexible busines models: From the licensing of the sensor technology for customers who would like to use their own manufacturing capabilities up to volume production by TES every business model tailored for your needs is possible.

Following modules are available: