Short Range Radar Solutions

As partner for Sensor Companies and System Companies who wants to realize their own sensor solutions TES can offer a comprehensive portfolio of building blocks, ready made customizable sensor modules and professional design services.

In contrast to Long Range Radar Systems which are primarily realized for non-reflecting environments (i.e. open space...) Short Range Radar Systems needs to deal with reflections and multipath effects. TES is your partner of choice for the realization of such kind of complex Short Range Radar Systems. Independent whether the Radar will be implemented in an ASIC or on board-level, TES will realize all elements of your application according to your requirements. Starting from the design of complex antenna arrays via the design of RF Frontends with beamsteering or beamswitching options, the design of your baseband and signalprocessing up to the connectivity and the visualization of the results. TES is independent but has close relationships with many Radar Chip vendors and can therefore select the best technology for your Radar challenges. In TES' own RF design labs your system will be validated and industrialized.

Short Range Radar examples:

●Vital sensor: monitoring vital functions like breathing, heartbeat, micromotion
●Tracking of moving objects, human beings, animals, ...
●Measuring the size of objects
●Automotive Seat occupied recognition, identification object, adult, child, animal, …
●Distance measurement
●Level measurement, fluid, granulate, ...
●Avoidance of damages from rodents like martens in nature and forests
●Avoidance of human injury under trucks in construction industry
●Kick-to-Open capability
●Detection of parking stones
●River depth measurements for safe cross-over
●Vehicle Underbody Object Detection

Short Range Radar Modules

TES is offering  full custom solutions as well as a ready made Short Range Radar Modules which can easily be adapted and implemented into your proprietary Sensor Systems, such as - 24GHz Vital Sensor Module  -120GHz Fix Beam Sensor Module   - 120GHz Surveilance Module with 3D Radar Scanning