Embedded Software Engineering Services

TES has profound expertise in embedded software design for a large variety of applications and markets with a certain focus on graphics, Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) video- and imaging-systems and control systems. Our software team constist of more than 40 engineers located at our offices in Hamburg, Offenbach near Frankfurt, Duesseldorf and Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart. We offer our software engineering services according to the project needs as turn-key project or on time & material base. 

  • CPUs: ARM, x86, Rx, PowerPC, various DSPs
  • Processors: NXP i.MX and S32V234, Renesas R-Car, D1x, RZ/A, Rx and RA, TI OMAP and Jacinto, IntelPSG Cyclone, Arria and Stratix, Xilinx Zynq Ultra Scale, NVidia Tegra, ST STM32,…
  • Operation Systems: Linux, FreeRTOS, ARM Mbed, embOS, VxWorks, QNX, Integrity, Android, iOS,...
  • C, C++, C#, Assembler, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl, HTML5,…
  • All relevant IDE such as Eclipse, Visual Studio, IAR, KDevelop...
  • Frameworks & Engines: TES Guiliani, Qt, emWin, Unity3D,…
  • Processes: Agile (Scrum), V-Model, Spice, CMM(i),…
  • UML based design, object oriented design
  • From system requirements specification up to acceptance testing
  • Project-, requirements-, configuration-, risk- and quality management

Expertise & Competencies: 

  • 2D & 3D Graphics and GUI applications, system integrations and optimizations
  • Video-, camera- & streaming-systems including gstreamer
  • Embedded system integration & porting
  • Real-Time embedded System, driver development, BSPs and middleware
  • GPU virtualization
  • Test frameworks
  • Training-, simulation- and augmented reality systems

Markets and project references: 


  • Infotainment systems, cluster instruments, navigation map rendering 
  • Drive Assist Systems like e.g. Surround View, parking assistance 
  • Matrix LED light control 

Consumer Electronics  

  • Advanced GUIs for White goods including middleware development 
  • Home Automation & security, metering  
  • Door entry systems 
  • Wireless video 
  • Internet connectivity 
  • Test frameworks 
  • GPS trackers for sports, safety and telecare applications 

Industrial Systems  

  • Industrial GUIs for machinery control and control tablets 
  • Training, Simulation and Augmented Reality  
  • Industrial test & measurement equipment 

Medical Systems  

  • HMIs for medical control devices 


  • In-cabin-electronics and In-Flight-Entertainment (IFE)
  • Flight Attendant Panels 


  • Driver development & integration
  • Test frameworks
  • Demo & Reference applications (e.g. for GUI and graphics applications and 3D Surround View)