GUI solutions

Focussed on embedded systems and fast time to market TES offers turn-key Graphics User Interface (GUI) system solutions for embedded processors (MCUs, MPUs), FPGAs and ASICs. 

Our solutions include everything from our easy to use HMI framework Guiliani, via a choice of software or hardware Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) up to the Display Controller. Thus we can provide the right balance of graphics processing power versus resource and power utilization to cover the full range of embedded GUI applications concerning cost efficiency, power efficiency, display resolution and GUI complexity. Our GUI solutions are used in e.g.:

  • Low power wearables
  • Mobile devices
  • Mass market consumer devices such as white goods and brown goods
  • Test & Measurement
  • Smart Home
  • Industrial and medical devices
  • Vehicles

Example GUI system solution for ASICs and FPGAs with D/AVE 2D hardware GPU

Example GUI system solution for MCUs or MPUs with eGML software GPU