eVRU - embedded Vector Rendering Unit

Licensable software graphics rendering library for DSP+CPU processors

eVRU is a powerful vector rendering engine developed to enable graphics rendering on application and DSP processors. Targeting applications requiring high quality and real-time graphics rendering, eVRU runs in parallel with the other system applications and offers industry standard OpenGL ES 1.1 API.

eVRU supports dual core or multi-core architectures as well as single core configurations found in ARM9, ARM11 , ARM Cortex A8, MIPS 32 or MIPS64 architectures.

eVRU Architecture

eVRU provides CAFE API for custom integration with various libraries and applications as well as industry standard OpenGL ES 1.1 API. eVRU provides a complete command toolbox and extensions enabling the implementation of 2D and 3D graphics, bit-blitting functions coupled with efficient filtering, as well as API specific functions for shading, lighting, edge based anit-aliasing and fog for example. These commands implementation uses deep sub-pixel accurate algorithms and built-in edge based anti-aliasing, resulting in excellent rendering.


  • Supported bitmap formats:
    • ARGB32, RGB32, RGB32A8,
    • RGB565, RGB565A8, RGB24, RGB24A8,
    • LUM8, ALPHA8
  • Blend Modes:
    • Alpha: AS, AD, AS+AD*(1-AS)
    • Color: CS, CD, CS+CD*(1-AS), CS*AS+CD*(1-AS)
  • 3D Transformation fully OpenGL ES compliant:
    • 4x4 Transformation / Projection Matrix
    • Homogeneous Clipping
    • Viewport transformation
  • 2D Render features:
    • Supports sub-pixel accuracy and high quality anti-aliasing
    • Blits / Dots / Lines / Triangle / Polygons
    • Line joins: Miter, Round, Bevel
  • API Support:
    • OpenGL ES 1.1
    • CAFÉ Integration API
  • Supported Architecture & Platforms:
    • TI C64x DSP ( DaVinci )
    • Analog Blackfin
    • EVA-X
    • ARM9, ARM11 & ARM Cortex
  • Supported OS:
    • Windows Mobile
    • Linux
    • Android
    • QNX

Example Screenshots

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