TES 3D Surround View (TSV) is the latest technology of driver assistance systems with vehicle cameras. Designed to increase safety and comfort through improved situation awareness it supports the principle of accident avoidance. TSV meets the rising demand for a simple and robust system for automotive, industrial and safety markets. The TSV technology is offered as software component (Library) for various embedded platforms and operation systems.

By enabling the use of modern standard 3D acceleration GPUs it provides a high level of performance and portability while minimizing system resources usage, in particular CPU load. It utilizes the generic industry proven OpenGL (ES) API for main rendering tasks and adapts easily to a range of hardware platforms.

Besides the well known Top View or Bird View, i.e. a single viewing perspective from exactly above the vehicle, TSV supports any viewer position and viewing angle from outside of the vehicle, i.e. full 360° Surround View. The viewing position can be changed on the fly or any number of predefined viewing positions is possible.

TSV builds on years of experience in surround view technology and offers a very high level of flexibility and customizability to cope with specific application and system requirements often found in special vehicle applications such as construction machines.
Designed for integration in modern embedded real-time video processing systems and providing well defined interfaces it integrates easily within the customers software system, e.g. from video input and application layer point of view.

The multi-platform architecture allows porting to any operating system.

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3D Surround View Turn-Key Solutions:

Together with his partners TES offers complete 3D Surround View Turn-Key solutions like the "Customizable Embedded 3D Surround View Turn-Key Solution on the Toradex Apalis i.MX 6 SoM" and based on that provides full product development support including optional manufacturing and lifetime management. Please download the TES 3D Surround View Demo Easy Installer Package for Toradex Apalis i.MX6 SoM.

Eval kit and more information: Please contact graphics@remove-this.tes-dst.com