Guiliani Graphical User Interface Framework

Guiliani is a powerful, yet easy to use, modern, object-orientated and customizable software to create stylish Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) quickly. Also supported by quality design services.

  • Highly dynamic run-time-engine concept = fast time-to-market

  • Modern object-orientated approach = intuitive workflow

  • Innovative Data-Pool concept = easily link your data & events to the GUI

  • Vast range of graphics assets such as widgets, skins, fonts, languages, charts, etc…

  • Powerful WYSIWYG PC Streaming Editor (GSE) including simulator

  • Flexible business models to meet your requirements

  • Best-in-class utilization of the D/AVE graphics accelerators = TES IP

  • Time-proven and used in many millions of devices

  • Optimized for resource-limited embedded devices

Target Markets and Applications

  •     White Goods, Appliances, HVAC
  •     Industrial, Test & Measurement
  •     Consumer Electronics
  •     Medical & Fitness
  •     Automotive & Transportation

Link to

Example: Guiliani on the emtrion Argon Kit powered by STM32MP1

Contact us at info (AT) if you want to test it.

Looking forward to it!

Please also check out our hardware partner emtrion at