Guiliani Graphical User Interface Framework

Guiliani is a powerful, yet easy to use, modern, object-orientated and customizable software to create stylish Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) quickly. Also supported by quality design services.

  • Highly dynamic run-time-engine concept = fast time-to-market

  • Modern object-orientated approach = intuitive workflow

  • Innovative Data-Pool concept = easily link your data & events to the GUI

  • Vast range of graphics assets such as widgets, skins, fonts, languages, charts, etc…

  • Powerful WYSIWYG PC Streaming Editor (GSE) including simulator

  • Flexible business models to meet your requirements

  • Best-in-class utilization of the D/AVE graphics accelerators = TES IP

  • Time-proven and used in many millions of devices

  • Optimized for resource-limited embedded devices

Target Markets and Applications

  •     White Goods, Appliances, HVAC
  •     Industrial, Test & Measurement
  •     Consumer Electronics
  •     Medical & Fitness
  •     Automotive & Transportation

Link to

Guiliani 2.4 beta is available now... Here is a Preview:

Contact us at info (AT) if you want to test it.

Looking forward to it!

The launch is planned for May 2021.