Indoor Positioning

TES is your partner of choice for the realization of customized indoor positioning systems (IPS). An IPS  is a network of devices used to locate people or objects indoors where known navigation systems (i.e. GPS) won't work , such as inside multistory buildings, airports, alleys, parking garages and underground locations.

Today different techniques and devices are used to provide IPS ranging from reconfigured devices already deployed such as smartphones, WiFi and Bluetooth antennas to purpose built installations with anchors up to beacons strategically placed throughout a defined space.

IPS has broad applications in commercial, military, retail, and inventory tracking industries. There are no standards for an IPS system and each installation is tailored to spacial dimensions, building materials, accuracy needs, and budget constraints.

TES is focused on the realization of customized RF based IPS and in particular systems based on Bluetooth, UWB-LDR and future 5G infrastruture. However based on the specific application requirements TES will select the best technology for your IPS.

Do you need a partner to realize a BLE based Indoor Positioning System?

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Do you need a partner to realize a UWB-LDR based Indoor Positioning System?

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