UWB Technology

TES acts as a "full blown" one-stop shop for your IP licensing, design and manufacturing needs related to Ultra-Wide-Band Low-Data Rate(UWB LDR)  and High-Data Rate (UWB HDR  based on IEEE802.15.4 standard. As such TES can cover and intervene in all areas of the UWB value creation chain, from IP core licensing  and IC design services to the tailoring and production of UWB systems on PCB level.

TES can provied an IEEE802.15.4 UWB-LDR Transceiver with Ranging capability which implements the complete UW-LDR radio function with sub-meter ranging capability.

TES offers an UWB-LDR BASEBAND IP in VHDL  complying with IEEE STD 802.15.4.Due to extended configuration possibilities it is easily combinable with many existing RF modules. The configuration parameters include symbol duration, chips per burst, length of start frame header.

TES can provide an IEEE 802.15.4a conformant PHY and an IEEE802.15.3b conformant MAC as well as an AES-CCM security engine as licensable  IP cores. As licensable IPs are also aWiMEdia Convergence Architecture, a WiNET Protocol Abstarction Layer and a WiUSB Protocol Abstraction Layer available.

TES' comprehensive antenna portfolio, including omni-directional monopole, small footprint dipole and directional UWB antennas , are either available on an IP lisencing basis or as finished product on PCB level. All antennas operaste over a broad range of frequnecy spectrum (3GHz to 10 GHz) with great matching properties and almost linear phase response.

For UWB-HDR applications TES provides a WiMedia/ECMA-368/369 conformant MAC-IP core.


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