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Cologne Chip AG and TES Electronic Solutions GmbH announce cooperation

Cologne, 11.07.2023: Cologne Chip AG and TES Electronic Solutions GmbH are pleased to announce their new cooperation in the field of IP design blocks on Cologne Chip’s low-cost, low-power and user-friendly GateMate FPGA family. The two companies will work together to offer their customers one-stop-shop FPGA solutions for many embedded applications such as in industrial, automotive and telecoms markets. TES Electronic Solutions is a leading provider of hardware IP building blocks and systems, while Cologne Chips is the only European vendor of FPGA’s. The cooperation between the two companies will combine their expertise and resources to create cutting-edge solutions that will benefit customers in various industries. More...

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Product News

Oct 2022: D/AVE HD GPU IP core now available with lots of feature updates such as our new Framebuffer Compression, 24 bit color format support and versatile configuration options. We are proud to announce that our successful D/AVE HD GPU core is now enhanced by additional features making it even more attractive for cost- and power driven applicatios such as wearables and high-volume MCUs. In addition the configurability of D/AVE HD has been highly improved to allow optimal configurations for every target product. Please check out D/AVE HD here!