TES provides complex Intellectual Property & Technology

"As one of the largest independent German IP providers, TES delivers complex and silicon proven IP cores  for semiconductors like ASICs, SOCs and FPGAs enabling accelerated IC development. Our range of high quality silicon-verified, RF, Analog, Digital, Software and System Solutions are used as critical building blocks for production chips in all industry segments and applications."

Beside it's comprehensive Silicon IP portfolio TES offers a variety of technologies and solutions integrated in ICs, as Embedded Software or on PCB level in the focus areas:

  • Graphics & HMI
  • RF & Wireless
  • Multimedia


"MAKE OR BUY? - today no question anymore for the high-tech industry"

Accelerating time-to-market and increasing productivity is key for today's high tech industry. The demand for various sub-systems with completly different functional requirements is becoming normal in today's complex system environments. Therefore nobody can afford investing and wasting time in the development of technologies which are available and affordable already. As a consequence there is an increasing market for complex IPs and "make-or-buy" is no question anymore.

TES' licensable Silicon IP Products:

Standardized Digital IPs

  • Encryption AES
  • Automotive Interface  CAN
  • Compression MJPEG

Analog IPs

  • Octuple 20μA Bias Current Source
  • Quadruple Capacitor Switch
  • 16mA 4V Voltage Regulator
  • Very-low-Noise and Programmable very-high-Gain DC-Voltage Amplifier with Precision Offset Trimming
  • Integer-N-PLL-based HF Frequency Synthesizer and Clock Generator with integrated Loop Filter and VCO
  • Linear Temperature Sensor

TES' IC Products

ICs for Cospas Sarsat Emergency Beacons

Homer Chip for Professional Beacon Applications

60 GHz Chip Solutions

SiGe IC Bulding Blocks for 60GHz Radio Frontends

  • Planar Marchand, 1:2 Balun, 57 – 67 GHz
  • Frequency divider for 34 to 67 GHz
  • Fast Power Detector, 57 – 67 GHz
  • Low Noise Amplifier 54 - 67 GHz
  • Fast Power Detector with LNA, 57 – 67 GHz
  • On-Off Keying (OOK) transmitter 57 - 67GHz
  • Power Amplifier 57 - 67 GHz  (Gain 14dB)
  • Power Amplifier 57 - 67 GHz  (Gain 22dB)
  • VCO, 53 – 62 GHz

TES' Embedded Hardware Products