TES takes over your entire System Design

TES is your one stop partner for your entire development and designs, validates and integrates the full spectrum of analog and digital electronics for your systems consisting of:

System Level Design:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • System level architecture
  • Partitioning
  • System Simulations and Performance Analyses
  • System Level Integration and Validation
  • System Level Tests

PCB Level Design (based on various design-flows):

  • Schematic Entry
  • Library Development
  • Layout
  • Simulations on PCB level
  • Thermal analyses and simulations
  • EMC analyses and simulations
  • RF analyses and simulations
  • Antenna design on PCB level
  • Prototyping and board bring up

Embedded Software Development:

  • Driver level software, board-support-packages
  • Porting of Operating Systems
  • Implementation of Middleware
  • Development of embedded aplication software
  • Development of Human Machine Interfaces

FPGAs and ASICs:

  • Development of complex System-On-Chips based on FPGAs
  • Development of ASICs

Mechanical Design of Enclosures:

  • Conceptional design of enclosures and development with partners