D/AVE HD - 2D/3D graphics rendering IP core family for FPGAs and ASICs

The D/AVE HD GPU family is an evolution of the D/AVE 2D family supporting high quality 2D rendering and fixed function 3D rendering for displays up to 4K x 4K. Targeting modern graphics applications on high resolution displays in the Industrial, Medical, Military, Avionics, Automotive and Consumer
markets, D/AVE HD is designed to be fast with powerful functionality. In addition, it is configurable and optimizable regarding size and footprint. The footprint optimized variants are the ideal choice e.g. for feature rich wearables, smart watches and IoT devices with animated 2D and 3D GUIs, while the fully featured variants target performance demanding graphics in professional and high-end consumer electronics applications.

D/AVE HD is available for both FPGA and ASIC integration with high customizability and scalability and
already silicon proven e.g. in automotive products.

Product Highlights

  • Advanced Graphics Features:
    • 3D graphics operations
    • Rotation Engine
    • Composition Engine
    • Transformation & Warping Support
  • High-performance pixel pipeline (typically 4 times faster than D/AVE 2D, up to 20 times for particular use cases)
  • Full Khronos compliant OpenVG 1.1 API (optional)
  • Optimized Power Management Support
  • Hardware multi-threading support
  • Hardware system security support


D/AVE HD Linecard

The following standard variants of D/AVE HD are available. Customizations are possible based on customer request. Please feel free to contact us!


D/AVE HD is provided with the following APIs. The drivers are reentrant and OS agnostic.

  • Optionally:
    • D/AVE 2D Wrapper API
    • OpenVG 1.1
    • EGL 1.3
  • Others are possible on request

Contents of D/AVE HD EvalKit

    • D/AVE HD Qsys component, run-time limited
    • Precompiled FPGA configurations (.sof files) for IntelPSG development kits
    • Precompiled demo applications
    • Example Quartus projects for hardware integration of D/AVE HD
    • Example Nios II SBT projects for software integration of D/AVE HD
    • D/AVE HD API documentation
    • Demo source code for showing usage of D/AVE HD API
    • Nios II libraries of D/AVE HD kernel mode driver
    • Nios II sources of D/AVE HD user mode driver
    • Windows pixel exact software emulation of D/AVE HD (SoftD/AVE HD)
      • Allows evaluating all demos on PC without the need of a development kit!


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